Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Klaus "The Blue Phoenix" Klemenson

"But Mommy," you ask, "why does this gnome look different from all of the other gnomes?" Because this gnome is special. Very, very special. Klaus "The Blue Phoenix" Klemenson was reborn out of the scraps of old unwanted objects. He came into being through the hard work and love of a few very awesome Durhamites who wanted to make sure the gnomes of Durham found their place in the history of this great city. This Sunday, October 3rd, there will be a Community Portrait of Durham - an aerial photo of people and objects that will become part of Durham's history. Klaus will make his public debut at this special event. He would love for you to join him by wearing blue and showing up at Durham Central Park at noon. Bring your blue objects, games, picnic food, and musical instruments.

From the writers at - thank you, awesome Durhamites for putting this event together and for creating Klaus to be an ambassador of the gnomes of Durham.


  1. YAY! Thanks for posting this. Love the name. I'm Facebooking and Tweeting this now.

  2. Klaus is the perfect name. Can't wait to see him in the daylight! Thanks for taking him under your wing.

  3. durhaMade - were you one of Klaus's parents? If so - thanks for bringing him into this world!